Talking to children about donor conception and surrogacy

"It was a story of the whole of his journey. It started off in a sense that babies are made with love and I loved him from the beginning... since the moment you were a twinkle in my eye, I loved you and wanted you."  Ann

Using a sperm, egg, embryo donor or surrogate is becoming an increasingly common method to have a child. More than 8,000 children in Victoria have been conceived this way in the past 30 years.

VARTA has many resources that may help you talk to your children about how you became a family using donated sperm, eggs and embryos. 

VARTA is also here to help you talk to your children about this issue.

Time to tell

Despite growing use and acceptance of assisted reproductive treatment, parents may struggle with the question of whether to tell their children about their origins and how to talk to them about this issue. VARTA has created a range of resources to assist you.


Be proud of the way you have formed your family. Your children can know they were very much longed for and conceived with the generosity and goodwill of another person who also wanted them to be born. Be honest with your kids, talk to them, acknowledge their questions and be there for them.