Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment

Fertility treatments are used:

  • to treat infertility
  • for people who can’t become pregnant, carry a pregnancy or give birth
  • to reduce the chance of a baby inheriting a genetic disease or abnormality
  • to preserve fertility.

Fertility treatment explained

There are many types of fertility treatments available, ranging from simple interventions such as medication to help a woman ovulate, through to more complicated procedures known as assisted reproductive treatment (ART).

Considering treatment

Things to consider before starting fertility treatments.

Getting started – find a fertility clinic

Fertility treatments are physically and emotionally demanding, and depending on your needs it can be expensive, so it is important to find a clinic and doctor that’s right for you.

Preserving fertility

Fertility preservation is used to increase the chance of somebody having children in future. It can be used for medical reasons and personal circumstances.

Fertility treatment journey

What to expect during treatment and how to manage the process of stopping treatment.