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New research on embryo testing (PGT-A)

| Fertility treatment
New research from a global collaboration between clinics shows that embryos with a mix of normal and abnormal cells - called mosaic embryos- can develop into healthy babies.
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Women are often told their fertility ‘falls off a cliff’ at 35, but is that right?

| Fertility and infertility
It’s a fact women’s fertility declines as they age. But the common description of fertility decline after age 35 as a “cliff” is more anxiety-provoking than factual. If you want children, it’s important to understand the biology of fertility. This can help those who have a choice about timing to decide when to start trying for a baby. And for those who don’t have a choice about timing, knowing what the options are can help make the best possible decisions.

Why you should avoid vaping if you want a baby in future

| Fertility and infertility
Vaping may seem less harmful than smoking cigarettes, which are known to increase the chance of infertility, miscarriage, and birth defects. But there is increasing concern about the health effects of e-cigarettes, including how they might affect your fertility.

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