After donor conception

I am a relative of a donor-conceived person

Finding those you are linked to through donor conception

If you are a relative of:

  • a donor
  • a donor-conceived person
  • a descendant of a donor-conceived person
  • a parent of a donor conceived person

you can apply to the Voluntary Register to find out more information about persons you are related to through donor conception. If you match with another person(s) on the Voluntary Register who share the same donor code, any details you agree to sharing will be exchanged with them.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the chances of connecting with somebody on the Voluntary Register?

Data on applications to the Voluntary Register during 2019-20 show there is about a one in three chance of finding a match. That is, a match with somebody you are related to via donor conception who also wants to exchange information or connect. As more people lodge their information on the Voluntary Register, the greater the chance of finding a match.

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