The regulation of assisted reproductive treatment (ART) varies between states and territories in Australia. There is also considerable variation in regulation internationally. The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 is the primary legislation which governs ART in Victoria.

In this section we provide an overview of legislation and guidelines, the regulation of Victorian ART and a history of Victorian ART for consumers and health professionals.

Import and export of donated eggs, sperm and embryos 

VARTA has responsibility for the approval of import and export of donor eggs, sperm and embryos formed from donor gametes in and out of Victoria.

If you would like to import or export donor gametes or embryos produced from donor gametes into or out of Victoria, you will need to apply to the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority for approval.

Legislative changes

Donor information amendments

New legislation giving Victorians conceived through donor sperm donated before 1988 the right to access identifying information about their donors with their donor's consent was passed on August 21, 2014, and was implemented 29 June 2015. Read more...

Recognition for parents under interstate surrogacy

New laws passed on October 30 have closed a gap in Victoria's surrogacy laws by allowing parents of children born in Victoria through a non-commercial surrogacy arrangement in another Australian state or the Australian Capital Territory to have their parentage legally recognised. (Treatment in the Northern Territory will not be covered by the new arrangements as it does not have laws regulating surrogacy).  Read more...