Understanding donor conception

Understanding donor conception

Donor conception is the process of having a baby using donated sperm, eggs or embryos through self-insemination or fertility treatment such as IVF.

Sometimes it involves surrogacy, too. Donor conception involves a donor (the person donating sperm, eggs or an embryo) and recipient parent(s) who receive the donation. A child born as a result of the donation is known as a donor-conceived person.

Donor conception explained 

Donor conception and the Victorian legislation.

Considering donor conception 

Practical considerations for people considering donor conception, including eligibility and ways to find a donor.

Becoming a donor 

Practical considerations for people wanting to donate, including eligibility, your options, and the process in Victoria.

Donor conception registry services

VARTA manages the Central Register and the Voluntary Register and provides support for donors, people who are donor-conceived, parents who used a donor and their families