Webinar- What is known about the health of children and young adults born after IVF or ICSI?

Jul 2022 |
Fertility treatment

VARTA's 2022 webinar, what is known about the health of children and young adults born after IVF or ICSI, was held on 15 June. Three experts, Professor Jane Halliday, Professor Rob McLachlan, and Dr Sarah Catford discussed the history and evolution of treatments for male factor infertility and the long term health effects associated with these treatments.

IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) began over 40 years ago and every year thousands of babies are born in Australia following fertility treatment. There are now many adults who were born because of this treatment. 30 years ago, a technique called ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) was introduced to overcome male factor infertility. ICSI involves a scientist selecting a single sperm to fertilise an egg in a laboratory, rather than in IVF where one sperm competes with thousands of others to bind and fertilise the egg.

Some scientists have been concerned that IVF and ICSI could lead to problems for the offspring in the future. But so far, the research is reassuring.

If you are considering fertility treatment, currently going through it, or have had a child via fertility treatment, this webinar will provide practical information for you.

View the presentation slides here.

Thank you to Jane, Rob and Sarah for sharing their insights and expertise.

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