Family storybook

What is a family storybook?

A family storybook is an opportunity to document the story of your child's journey into this world. It can take many forms, limited only by your time and creativity - including a digital journal, a scrapbook, a children's book, a film, or even a memory box, to name but a few ideas.

Regardless of the medium you choose, your family storybook can include images and mementos collected from your treatment, the pregnancy, and any information you have about your family, your child and your donor or surrogate. These items can include: a positive pregnancy test, scan images, donor profile or photos of the surrogate or donor if you know them already, an ID bracelet, and a lock of hair.

You and your child can add to it over the years, including new cards, photos, or letters from the donor or surrogate.

Why do a family storybook?

A family storybook is a communication and documentation tool that helps to:

  • give a child conceived with the help of a donor or surrogate a piece of their history to enable them to tell their story from a place of security, pride and strength. It builds the child’s sense of identity, self-esteem and self-worth
  • broaden the perspectives of parents who have used a donor or surrogate so they can be proud of the way they created their family
  • promote good relations between parents, their children, and their family’s story
  • retain memories of your journey to becoming a family
  • enable the child to share their story with others.

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