Children's reactions

"I know in biology or health at school whenever we got kind of on the topic I was like, "oooh,oooh let me tell my story" and so I got to tell my story and people weren't negative, they were just really curious about the whole thing."  Sarah

It is important that you consider when and how you are going to tell your child, and prepare what you will say. Even with the best preparation, children's reactions vary depending on their age when they are told and, of course, their individual personality. Finding out they are donor-conceived or born through surrogacy is often accompanied by questions about the donor or surrogate.


Young children readily understand that concept of donating or surrogacy. If a child drops their lollies on the playground, they would like a friend offers to share some of theirs. If they are baking a cake and the oven breaks down, they hope a neighbour would offer to let them use their oven. Kids view donating and surrogacy in the same way; it makes perfect sense to children for a friend or kind person to offer help.