Donor Legacy Project

The Donor Legacy Project aims to provide resources that can assist donors to create and submit information to the Voluntary Register. We use the word ‘legacy’ in our title as we are aware that many donors are aging, may be unwell or unfortunate circumstances may occur. By documenting information or creating a legacy, offspring will be able to grasp an understanding of the donor.

It is important to consider that often donors have multiple offspring, and this legacy may need to be passed on to more than one person in future. Online mediums are easiest to transfer to multiple parties in this instance.



When donor-conceived adults were asked the ways in which they would hope donors might document their information, the top results included videos, letters and online photo storybooks.

Watch below for an example of a donor legacy video, as provided by Ian Smith, a sperm donor from the 1980s.





What to say

Donor-conceived people also identified the top ten details they would like to learn about their donors. Here is a resource that provides this list along with other questions to consider. It may be helpful to print this and highlight the questions that feel comfortable to answer.

Creating a donor legacy

Donors may wish to leave a message through video. Another way that information may be provided is by writing something about you and your life story.

There are also other forms of information that can be lodged on the Voluntary Register like a donor's ethnic and cultural background, their likes and interests, and their personality traits. Memory boxes and scrapbooks are also a good way to share information as well as other symbolic items.

There are many different sites online that can help create a simple but personalised donor legacy.


Donors who wish to store information or legacy material at VARTA will first need to place themselves on the Voluntary Register. For those donors already on the register, it is important that they ensure their contact information is complete and up-to-date. If possible, it is also recommended that donors keep a copy of this information or to ask a family member or friend to hold onto this.

Donors can send electronic items and information can be sent to Please contact VARTA if you would like to discuss storage of hard copy information such as photo albums, scrapbooks, handwritten letters or other items or electronic files that are too large to email please call VARTA on (03) 8601 5250 or email us at


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