Creating a legacy box

Using a memory box to create a legacy

A memory box is an alternative way for donors who enjoy the arts to create a legacy. A memory box can provide your donor-conceived offspring with some interesting facts and memories you may want to share. When putting this box together, it is important to consider how many offspring you have (if known). If there are a large number, you may need to consider only providing items that can be photocopied.

  • Find a box that you wish to use for this project. Your local two dollar shop or craft store might get your creativity flowing. You may wish to paste your favourite photographs over this box or write your favourite quotes on coloured paper to paste onto the sides.

What items could you put in your memory box?

You could use coloured pieces of paper to write facts or memories about yourself. For example:

  • My favourite song is…
  • My favourite place to go is…
  • My favourite scent is (could spray on paper)…
  • The most interesting fact about me is…
  • The funniest moment in my life was…

You could fold these up and place them inside the box.

You can find examples of questions on VARTA’s website. Additionally, you could:

  • Ask your family or friends to write memories they have shared with you, or to describe your personality.
  • Provide a typed or hand-written letter to your offspring to place in the box (this could also be informed by our 50 question examples). Make sure to date this letter.
  • Place special photographs within this box that include details of the people, time and place of the photograph.
  • You may want to sketch your family tree, including family members interests, physical features etc documented below each name.