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Public events

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VARTA events provide the opportunity to hear from key researchers and reproductive specialists as they shine a spotlight on issues of current interest in the field of fertility and fertility treatment. It is also an opportunity to hear lived experiences from people directly affected by these issues. 

Year Topic Speakers


Webinar: What is known about the health of children and young adults born after IVF or ICSI?

Professor Jane Halliday, Professor Rob McLachlan, and Dr Sarah Catford (Hosted by Anna MacLeod)

Webinar: IVF add-ons: How to make choices that are right for you.

Dr Sarah Lensen, Prof Cindy Farquhar (Hosted by Anna MacLeod)

Seminar: The Genie is out of the bottle: DNA testing and end of donor anonymity

Prof David Amor, Rose Overberg, Hayley Smith and Prof Daniel Roos (Hosted by Kate Bourne)

Louis Waller lecture: A look back on the early days of donor conception in Victoria

Prof Louis Waller

Seminar: Experiences of donor linking: Research and personal perspectives

Dr Joanna Scheib, Louise Johnson, Dr Deborah Dempsey, and a panel of donor-conceived people, recipient parents and donors with experience of donor-linking

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