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Author: The Sensible Films
Published: August 2015
Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Sperm Donors Anonymous

Following are extracts from 'Sperm Donor Anonymous' an ABC documentary about the effects of anonymous sperm donation on donor-conceived children, their families and on the sperm donors themselves.  

Donor conception

Sperm donor linking

Listen to interview: Sperm donor linking - Richard Aedy, Radio National

VARTA CEO Louise Johnson and Riley Knight, a donor-conceived person, spoke to Richard Aedy from Radio National's 'Life Matters' about the issue of donor-conceived people having access to informtion abut their donor.  Riley also talked abou what it was like to meet his donor, Roger Clarke.  You can download the podcast of Riley and Roger talking about meeting and subsequent friendship.

Donor conception

Sperm donor meets the family created from his donation

Listen to this interview with Adrian, a sperm donor for single mother, Dianne.

“When we were approached by the registry to make potential contact by the donor family it was a difficult decision. It was just that we had to consider how we would link and the possibility surrounding meeting the donor family into our lives at that given time.” Adrian decided he would give consent to release information about himself and he is glad he did.

Assisted reproduction treatment (ART)

Support for the journey and impact on work

Dinah talks about sharing information with family and colleagues.

Dinah and Ben's IVF treatment lasted four years until Dinah finally gave birth to their daughter Tallulah in 2010. In listening to this podcast series please bear in mind that Dinah and Ben's experience is not universal, it is their story. This podcast series is not intended to replace or replicate medical advice.

Assisted reproduction treatment (ART)

Support for the journey during IVF

IVF treatment can impose heightened sensitivities. Friends who achieve a pregnancy and want to share their news may be unaware that IVF recipients can be distressed to hear about other pregnancies.


Surrogacy perspectives

Mother, surrogate and child share their story

The three videos below show different perspectives about surrogacy including those of an intended mother, a surrogate and one presenting a child’s outlook.


Commissioning mother – Fiona

After nine long years of infertility treatment failure and four miscarriages, Fiona’s sister, Laura, offered to be her “oven to cook her embryos”. After much discussion and a few glasses of red wine, they decided to proceed. Two years later, Pippy was born and she has brought more joy than Fiona could ever have imagined. Not many mothers get to cut their daughter’s umbilical cord but Fiona did! 

Surrogate - Laura

Surrogate, Laura and her husband feel very proud of the help they were able to give Fiona and her husband to have their daughter, Pippy. Laura has never considered Pippy as her daughter but a much loved niece and cousin to her own children

Surrogacy child - Pippy

Pippy aged 12 years proudly says, “I came into the world in a very special way…I grew in my auntie’s tummy but I am my mummy’s baby”. Her parents have never made a big deal of how she began and Pippy knows she couldn’t be more loved and wanted. Her middle name is ‘Laura’ to acknowledge her aunt’s special contribution in making her.

Donor conception

Talking to children about being a donor

Listen to this interview with Stewart and his children talking about being a sperm donor.

“My advice would be to tell. Certainly it’s never as bad as it seems to give this information to other members of your family.  You know, I think, you couch it in as simple terms as possible, give as much information as you feel comfortable with and let them absorb it and let them if they want to come to you with anything else they will." Stewart.


Published: April 2014
Donor conception

Talking to young adults about their conception

Headline: Talking to young adults about their conception

Barbara and Lauren (mother and daughter) tell their story of donor conception.  

Barbara, after nearly quarter of a century of keeping the secret of her daughters' conceptions, tells them they are donor conceived.  
Lauren, who was 21 when she was told of her conception, tells us her experience of being on the receiving end of this news. 

Photo of Lauren and Barbara 

Donor conception

Talking to young children about using a sperm donor to become a family

Jacqui and Sarah provide us with their thoughts and experiences in talking to young children about how they used a sperm donor to become a family.

“It’s understandable to be apprehensive, of course it is.  It can be quite a scary and challenging thing but in the end the important thing is tell kids early.  I think that it’s really important; it’s something that they always know.”

Donor conception

Talking to your children about using an egg donor to become a family

Listen to this interview with Kim and her children talking about using an egg donor to become a family.

"I’m Kim, I used an egg donor for my 11 year old twins.  And I have a genetic son who is 16".