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"I look back now and I wonder why I had some hesitations because it has been one of the best things that I have ever done. It is a fabulous experience when it works. I think that if someone feels that they can do it, that they should give it serious consideration." Kylie, an egg donor.

Donating sperm, eggs, or embryos is not like donating blood. It results in a new life rather than helping someone who is already alive. It is a unique contribution with unique implications.

VARTA is here to support you. Our experienced staff understand the issues for donors. They are neutral, respectful of people’s choices and opinions, and maintain privacy at all times. Please contact us.

As a donor you may have sometimes wondered whether children had been born and if so how many, what age and gender they are, and how old they might be. You may wonder whether they resemble you or whether you share personality traits.

While you may be curious to know more about your donor offspring, you may not have told your partner or children about your donation, which could complicate your feelings about the issue.

Talking about your donation

A donor's wife's perspective

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You are to be congratulated for researching what is involved with egg or sperm donation before proceeding as it is a significant act with potentially profound consequences for you and, more particularly, the person born.