Considering IVF, donor treatment or surrogacy overseas?

"We decided to do anonymous egg donation in Spain. Although anonymous egg donation worked for us; with everything we know now we probably would have done things differently. Knowing that your child won't have access to half their genetic history is something you really need to think about". Adam

If you are thinking about undertaking IVF, donor treatment or surrogacy in another country, make sure you are aware of the laws and regulations of that country. Regulation of assisted reproductive treatment varies between countries. Some countries have quite strict regulation while others have none. The unregulated environments that occur in some countries can pose potentially serious risks or disadvantage for all parties involved – in particular, for resulting children. VARTA strongly encourages people considering surrogacy or donor treatment abroad to discuss options for local treatment.


A local clinic can advise you about treatment options - it may be easier, less risky and cheaper than heading abroad. Local treatment also offers legal protections that may not be available overseas.