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Brin found that as her kids reached 10 to 11 years of age they began to ask many questions about their donor. Unfortunately, as she had used an anonymous donor she can’t answer these. In retrospect she wishes she had used an identity-released donor and urges people considering donation to think about the normal questions their child is likely to ask and to use a donor whose identity can be known to the child.


The value of having information about your donor: Brin

We’re getting to be ten or eleven and they’re going to be asking lots of questions about hair colour and eye colour. “What does the donor do for a job and where does she live?” And that is where our information stops.

So I can say, “Well she loved volleyball and maybe that’s why you two do too. And she loves writing songs and you do too; she’s a song writer and maybe Sam that’s why you’re writing songs all the time. And she loves horseback riding.” but really we have no identifying information.

So if you are embarking on this journey; I too recommend that you go with known donor because it will just make life so much nicer for you and your family.

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