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Your Fertility 

VARTA is the lead agency in the Fertility Coalition, a group of five independent organisations running the Your Fertility program, including Healthy Male, Jean Hailes for Women's Health, Global and Women's Health at Monash University, and the Robinson Research Institute at The University of AdelaideYour Fertility is a national program to educate Australians who want children, or want more children, about some of the key factors that affect fertility. This work is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Victorian Department of Health.



  • VARTA is a member of the NHMRC CRE-WHiRL (Centre for Research Excellence in Women’s Health in Reproductive Life).
  • Healthtalk Australia: Experiences of infertility and fertility treatment: A qualitative research and online resource development project.

Dr Sarah Lensen, University of Melbourne

  • IVF add-ons in Australia and New Zealand: a systematic assessment of IVF clinic websites.
  • IVF add-on use in Australia: a patient survey.
  • IVF add-ons: a qualitative investigation of drivers of use.
  • Practices of using endometrial scratching by fertility clinics across Australia, NZ and the UK.

Dr Kiri Beilby, Monash University (supervisor of a student project)

  • Patient-centred care in ART: adaptation and validation of an assessment tool.

Dr Michelle Peate, University of Melbourne (supervisor of a student project)

  • A survey of the impact of AMH testing on women, how they accessed the test and what they did with the results.
  • ‘Eggsurance’ A randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of a decision aid for women considering oocyte cryopreservation.

Dr Edwina Dorney, The University of Sydney (PhD candidate supervised by Professor Kirstin Black)

  • Evaluation, optimisation and dissemination of an online preconception health self-assessment tool.

Dr Karin Hammarberg, Monash University

  • Evaluation of an online learning module to improve nurses' and midwives' capacity to promote preconception health in primary health care settings.

Dr Tessa Copp, The University of Sydney

  • Clinician-reported attitudes, knowledge and experiences of AMH testing.
  • Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) test information on Australian and New Zealand fertility clinic websites: A content analysis.

Professor Ben Mol (supervisor of a student project)

  • A survey of patients’ knowledge and understanding of IVF treatment.


You can find publications involving VARTA here.

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