Person-centred care

Guidance on person-centred care 

Work is currently underway to develop guidance on person-centred care tailored to the provision of fertility treatment.

Project overview

The Victorian Minister for Health has asked VARTA to develop guidance about person-centred care for ART clinics in Victoria. We want to work collaboratively with patients, industry representatives and other interested stakeholders to create practical guidance for clinics to focus more on a patient’s experience. This project will also be informed by the Fertility Society of Australia’s work on person-centred care.

Development timeline

Our guidance on person-centred care will be developed by December 2020.

What is person-centred care?

Person-centred care is described as: an approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care that is founded on mutually beneficial partnerships among clinicians and patients. Person-centred care is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients and consumers. Key dimensions of person-centred care include respect, emotional support, physical comfort, information and communication, continuity and transition, care coordination, involvement of carers and family, and access to care.1