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Aug 2013 |
Donor conception register services

The Victorian Government asked VARTA to conduct an independent consultation of donors who would be affected by any changes to legislation arising from the Victorian Law Reform Committee’s recommendation to allow all donor-conceived people access to their donor’s identifying information. The VLRC’s report Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information about Donors, was published in March 2012.  

VARTA’s report about the consultation ‘Consultation with donors who donated gametes in Victoria before 1998: Access by donor-conceived people to information about donors’ is available for download:

Full report (PDF:1,564 KB)

Summary report (PDF:318 KB)


The Victorian Government response to the Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information about Donors was tabled in Parliament on 20 August 2013 and is now available to download.

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