Sugary drinks can affect a woman’s chance of having a baby with IVF

Sugary drinks can affect a woman’s chance of successful IVF treatment, according to new research.

A US study found that women who regularly drank soft drink had fewer eggs retrieved, fewer fertilised eggs and fewer good-quality embryos.  And, compared to women who didn’t consume soft drink at all, the chance of having a baby was 12 per cent lower for women who drank up to one cup of soft drink per day and 16 per cent lower for those who had more than a cup per day.

The US study of 340 women having IVF treatment between 2014 and 2016 also found that caffeine or diet drinks didn’t affect IVF success.

Although it is recommended that women who try to have a baby limit the amount of caffeine they consume, this study suggests that avoiding soft drink may be even more important for a successful outcome.

To have the best chance of having a baby with IVF both parents need to be as healthy as possible. Studies show that parental obesity and smoking for example also reduce the chance of a live birth with IVF.

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Source: Machtinger, R., et al., Association between preconception maternal beverage intake and in vitro fertilization outcomes. Fertility and Sterility, 2017.