Webinar - IVF add-ons: How to make choices that are right for you

Fertility treatment

VARTA's 2021 webinar explored IVF add-ons. Two experts, Dr Sarah Lensen and Professor Cindy Farquhar, discussed the latest research about add-ons (also known as adjuvants) and explained factors to consider when weighing them up.

IVF add-ons are optional extras sometimes offered on top of standard IVF treatments and they usually come with an additional cost. These optional extras include tests, procedures, drugs, the use of new equipment, and alternative therapies. Sarah and Cindy discuss how to find scientific evidence and make sense of it, so you can make informed decisions. Fertility subspecialist Associate Professor Peter Lutjen, also joined the conversation to answer questions from the audience.

If you are thinking about starting IVF or currently going through it, this webinar will provide you with practical information about add-ons and how to make choices that are right for you.

View the presentation slides here.


Thank you to Sarah, Cindy and Peter for sharing their insights and expertise.


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