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Jan 2020 |
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There are many opportunities in Victoria for people to find local egg or embryo donors. There are also people in the state who have eggs or embryos in storage who would like to find a person or couple to whom they would feel comfortable donating.

The avenues for egg and embryo donors and recipients in Victoria to find one another are varied and numerous. For those people who don’t know someone in their immediate circle who may be able to help them, reaching out to the broader community via advertising can be the best option available. However, it is important to understand that advertising of this kind is subject to its own unique set of legal requirements.

The laws governing advertising for a donor or recipient

Before you advertise, Victorian law requires that the draft of your advertisement be officially approved by the Victorian Minister for Health. This requirement applies to all advertisements concerned with egg or embryo donation (or the donation of any human tissue) appearing in any public forums, including newspapers, periodicals, books, broadcast, online and social media, and cinemas. The laws also apply to ads placed in public view in a house, shop or other public place.

The process of seeking approval for your ad is relatively simple. Send a copy of the wording you plan to use to the Minister for Health (via the address below) and include details about where you intend to advertise. Copies of draft advertisements should be sent to:

Minister for Health, Department of Health and Human Services

GPO Box 4541

Melbourne VIC 3000

Email Address:

The Minster will respond to your application in writing. If your ad is approved, you can then advertise. Keep in mind that your advertising must be in accordance with any undertaking you made to the Minster when seeking approval for your ad.

Knowing what to write

It is often difficult to find the right words for your advertisement or identify the best place to advertise. You might find it helpful to look at examples of other advertisements to give you some idea.

Knowing where to advertise

Many people find their egg donor or recipients via online forums. You can find egg donation forums at:

When accessing an internet forum, it is advisable to use a pseudonym and to follow usual social media practices to protect your privacy.

VARTA’s Finding an egg donor brochure has a range of helpful tips and pointers that could help people considering advertising for either an egg or embryo donor, including things to consider when drafting your ad and how best to manage connecting with a potential donor or recipient.


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