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Donor Conception Register Services

Donor conception register services
Supporting people who are donor-conceived, parents who have used a donor, donors and their families. This brochure covers: What is the Donor Conception Register Services? Changes to Victorian law Who can apply? Options available Registers' process

Donor legacy questions

Donor conception
VARTA asked Australian donor-conceived adults to identify the most important information they wished to know about their donors. This document provides a guide to the information that donor-conceived people would most like to know about their donors.

Finding a surrogate

Donor conception
This brochure aims to help guide people through the process of finding a surrogate within Australia. It includes material on: what makes an ideal surrogate, asking someone you know, finding a surrogate you don’t know, and possible questions to ask a potential surrogate. It can be used as a guide to ensure that all parties are informed and prepared and that there’s a positive outcome for all.

Finding an egg donor

Donor conception
Fertility treatment
Finding an egg donor can seem difficult and many people wonder where they should begin. In 2019-20, 236 women donated eggs to other women in Victoria. Finding a local donor can offer advantages, including known legal protections for you and the donor. It may also be easier to connect with a local donor compared to one overseas.

Information about making a Voluntary Register application

Donor conception register services
Information for donor-conceived people, recipient parents, donors and relatives and descendants thereof about applying to the Voluntary Register. This information sheet covers: How the Voluntary Register works Fee Who can apply? What information can be lodged? Matches/No match on the Voluntary Register

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