Thinking of being a surrogate?

"To this day, Dom and I are extremely proud of the assistance we gave through such a successful surrogate arrangement. We have never looked upon Pippy as our child and we accept unconditionally that Pippy is the child of her parents. We love Pippy dearly and our lives have been enriched by her being here". Laura - surrogate for her sister

While it is an incredible gift to enable people to become parents and help them create a family, offering to carry a baby for someone is a big decision. Beyond meeting the criteria required to be a surrogate, there are many physical, emotional, and legal issues involved that you will need to consider.


In Victoria, ART clinics are only permitted to practise gestational surrogacy. This means that the surrogate is implanted with an embryo created using an egg from another woman (either the commissioning mother, or donated from another woman). ART clinics do not practise traditional surrogacy, also known as partial surrogacy, due to legal requirements. This is where the surrogate’s egg is used to conceive a child. Without the involvement of an ART clinic, traditional surrogacy is permitted. If you are contemplating a traditional surrogacy, VARTA recommends that you obtain legal advice, especially with respect to obtaining legal parentage of any child born.