Information for intended parents

"Family became aware of our situation and a family member offered to be a surrogate for us. Before we even got to the first point of undertaking any medical procedure we had to make sure we’d considered every aspect of  issues that might have occurred during that surrogacy process". Leanne

General considerations

Beyond the financial costs and the legal side of surrogacy, there are a number of emotional and practical things to consider, including:


In Victoria, ART clinics are only permitted to practise gestational surrogacy. This means that the surrogate is implanted with an embryo created using an egg from another woman (either the commissioning mother, or donated from another woman). Without the involvement of an ART clinic, traditional surrogacy is permitted. If you are contemplating a traditional surrogacy, VARTA recommends that you obtain legal advice, especially with respect to obtaining legal parentage of any child born.