The surrogacy process

I think the main thing they wanted to ensure that all the people that were involved in going through this surrogacy process were doing it for the right reasons... And then once that had been established, that all parties were, I suppose, ready to go through it. We would have to see a number of specialists within different fields to ensure that we were approved for surrogacy. That included having consultations with the counsellor. And also ensuring that we were fully aware and had a full understanding of the legal ramifications that we were entering into by going ahead with the surrogacy agreement. Leanne

The process outlined below is a guide and the order in which the necessary steps are taken can vary. There is some degree of flexibility, depending on your fertility specialist and the clinic you attend.


The best way to increase the chances of a successful surrogacy outcome is for all parties to seek early, independent and specialist legal, medical and counselling advice about each individual’s personal circumstances prior to any surrogacy arrangement.