International surrogacy

"We were initially quite fearful about working with an organisation so far away but we did our own research through a few different areas and we found that they were an extremely reputable company and had over 1,000 babies already had already been born through the program". Karen

Victorian law does not prevent residents from travelling overseas for surrogacy. However, VARTA advises prospective parents to consider surrogacy locally as there are many benefits and to seek as much information as possible about international surrogacy before embarking on this complex journey. 

In this section, you will find information to help you think about some of the key laws on surrogacy and emotional and practical considerations of international surrogacy. It is crucial that you seek independent, specialist advice early in your state and in the country or countries involved. This is essential to avoid serious issues later on.

This information is intended only to provide a summary and general overview. It does not constitute legal advice. All parties in a surrogacy should seek legal and other professional advice which takes account of their individual circumstances.

Know what you're getting into

International surrogacy is fraught with complex issues, so you need to tread very carefully and put as much thought in the full process upfront to avoid issues down the track. Before embarking on surrogacy overseas, here are some key topics to consider:


Before making a decision about treatment overseas, it is important to seek as much information as possible and feel comfortable with the treatment practices in the country you have chosen. This Patient & Physician Prompter will help you with questions to ask doctors and clinics. Think very carefully about all the implications involved at the beginning to avoid serious issues later on. And don’t underestimate the benefits of surrogacy in Australia!