Is donor conception right for me?

“Having a child via donation is not to be taken lightly from either side. It’s complex. It’s emotional. It’s challenging… But it’s also exciting, rewarding and life changing. The power to help create a human being is the most powerful gift anyone can give.” Alison, mother of donor-conceived child

Your decision to have children with the help of donated eggs, sperm, or embryos is a lifelong one. It will be the result of an extensive process of consultation and discussion with many people. Your fertility specialist and the counsellor at your clinic will provide you with information about using donor gametes (sperm and eggs) and can help you explore the associated social and emotional considerations.

Are you emotionally ready?

Before you make any decisions about donor conception, it is important that you have come to terms, as much as possible, with not being able to use your own eggs or sperm to have a child. Most people need time to grieve and to absorb what such a loss might entail for them and any potential child they may have, including physical resemblances and family history.

It is important that you feel confident you are able to love this child regardless of his or her genetic origins. You cannot expect your child to be comfortable about their conception if you are not. It is important for you and your child that you are positive and proud of the journey you took to create them.


If you or your partner (if you have one) have any serious concerns, which cannot be resolved, it is better not to proceed.