The process of donating

''I knew there were people who couldn't have children and I thought it was a nice thing to do. I was a blood donor and on the bone marrow register.''

Before donating you will need to:

  • have screening tests and a medical checkup with a fertility specialist
  • provide information about your medical and genetic history
  • provide information about you which is given to the recipients. This is called a donor profile and may include appearance, personality, education, a message to the person conceived, and your openness to contact. It is useful to include as much information as possible which may be of interest to potential recipient parents and the person/people created from your donation.
  • sign a detailed consent form. This is to ensure that you are fully informed of any medical risks as well as your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • see a counsellor at the clinic where you donate. The counsellor will explore with you and your partner the emotional implications and legal consequences associated with donating. If you are donating to someone you know, you will usually have a session with the recipients also. Counselling is designed to ensure that you have thought carefully about whether donating is the right decision for you and your family and that you are comfortable to proceed.

It is important to contact the clinic if you or a close family member is diagnosed with a medical problem that may be passed on to any people born as a result of your donation. If you change address it is also important to notify the clinic.

Physical process


VARTA provides independent advice only. It does not recruit donors. If you are interested in donating, please contact an ART clinic.