Options for donating

"I was reading Melbourne’s Child and came across the fertility advertisements... among many requests for egg donors, one letter really touched me. I felt like the woman who wrote it was talking to me. My heart ached for her. Several days of discussion with my husband followed, and I read everything I could about the procedure. Finally I contacted the couple, and formed a relationship." Kylie, an egg donor.

You may donate to a friend, family member, to someone you connect with on an internet forum or from an advertisement; or alternatively you may prefer to donate to a clinic. People who benefit from donation may include infertile couples, single women, or gay and lesbian couples.


  • need to agree to be identifiable as required by Victorian legislation
  • can only donate on an altruistic basis. It is illegal to be paid to donate; however, you can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses
  • must have a medical check, blood tests, and counselling (including your partner if you have one)
  • are required to complete information describing themselves (called a donor profile)
  • need to sign consent forms which outline their rights and responsibilities.

In Victoria, a maximum of ten women can have children from the same donor (including the donor's partner).

Donors can withdraw their consent to donate or specify a lower family limit at any time.


Donating eggs, sperm, or embryos is different from donating blood or a kidney. You would be helping to create a life not saving a life.