Writing a donor legacy

How to write your story

Type up the information you wish to include into a Microsoft Word document. (Ask a friend, family member or person at your local library if you need help with locating Microsoft Word).

As per the example below you may want to include:

  • an introduction
  • an outline of your personality, interests and passions
  • heritage & family history
  • information about your childhood
  • a summary of your adult life
  • a final message to your offspring.

You may find it useful to refer to the list of questions donor-conceived people identified as what they most wanted donors to discuss.

Including photographs

  1. Find the 'Insert' menu option at the top of your Word document. Click 'Insert' and then select 'Pictures'. A window will open on your screen. Go to the folder where the photographs you want to insert into your document are stored on your computer and then click on the image you would like to include. Repeat this process wherever you would like to include a picture in your Microsoft Word document.
  2.  If you only have hard copy of your photos, you could:
  • bring hard copy photographs along with a USB into your local copy or printing store (one that can print/copy photographs)
  • ask the staff to help you scan these photos onto your USB
  • insert the USB into your computer and complete Step 1 above.



Within these pages lies my written legacy. It is all I can offer those who may have found me (their donor) a little too late. Here I will try to answer all the questions you may have, now while I have the chance, in case we do not get the opportunity to meet in person.

My name is Alfred William Bronte and at the time of writing I am 81 years old. I was born in 1937 in Melbourne, Victoria. I am a sperm donor. To my knowledge I have helped in the creation of 12 children all born between 1970 and 1980.

My Personality, Interests, Passions

I’ve always been told I’m a jovial person, glass half full kind of guy. I don’t like to mellow too much in the misery of life. Fishing is my passion, I love fishing. Being out on the water, in a boat if I get the chance, is my idea of heaven. I don’t mind being alone, but now that I’m a bit older, I find that I’m alone a lot more than I’d like to be. The grandkids keep me busy when I visit though. Gosh they do have endless energy to burn around my yard. I enjoy the simple things in life, it doesn’t take too much to give me pleasure and I feel very grateful for all I have enjoyed in this life.

Heritage/Family History

My great grandparents moved to Australia from England where my family have stayed now for many years. I went over to England in my early 20’s as I was always interested in where I have come from, which I am sure you very much understand. I have constructed a family tree for you also listing interests and physical features of each family member.

My Childhood

I was the only son of a farmer and his wife and I grew up in Shepparton, Victoria in the 1940’s and 50’s. I had one brother and two sisters, both of whom are still alive and live in Melbourne. My brother died at age nine from pneumonia.  That was a very troubling time for my parents, sisters and I.  I don’t think my mother ever fully recovered. My mother's name was Jane Bronte, she was a wonderful woman, a very caring and gentle mother, I couldn’t have wished for more from her. Overall, I grew up a carefree child, I loved roaming the woodlands near our home and trapping small animals to play with and then release.

My Adult Life

When I finished school, I started working immediately at a printing factory. I met my wife Vanessa there and we had three children - Jose, Heather and Barbara. I love my three children dearly, always have.

After my second child was born Vanessa’s sister Claire was trying to conceive also with her husband. It turned out they needed some help, they needed a sperm donor. Claire and her husband asked if I would volunteer and I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to help. And so I donated sperm to them and they conceived a baby boy, Robert. After doing so I was approached by the clinic and asked to donate anonymously to help other couples.

After discussing with Vanessa my wife, I decided to do so. And here we are…

Final message to my offspring

As my final message to my offspring- I am proud to be your donor and I regret that I did not get to see/experience life with you. I hope you are loved, that your life is full of joy and that you can take something from this legacy I have made for you. Trees without roots fall over, so I hope that this information can give you peace in your life.