Using symbolism to create a legacy

Other ways to you can leave an impression of who you are

'Personal symbols are things people associate with you, whether it’s colour, place, flower a perfume you wear or music you listen too.'
(Living on, 2000 E, Margo, J, Margo p. 70).


You may like to consider living on through symbolism by providing a list including your favourite:


This could be your favourite tree, place to go, a place that brings you peace or comfort. It could be a place you go often such as a walking track, a seat in a park or a look out you enjoy. Providing a place that you enjoy will provide offspring the opportunity to visit this place in future if they wish.


Choose a song that has meaning to you. This song might be your favourite or it may be a tune that you listen to when/if you think about your offspring.


List down your favourite scents that you wear or that you enjoy.


This could be your favourite animal, tree, insect, plant life, objects like a feather, butterfly, bee etc. Often people who pass away tell their loved ones that they are with them when they see (insert object, example a feather). This can give people comfort when they see this item (feather on the footpath for example).


Pick your favourite colour or a colour that you believe represents you as a whole.