Assisted reproduction treatment (ART)

Enhancing Reproductive Opportunity Research Project

The project examined how laws and policies in all Australian states and territories have affected people’s decisions about their stored embryos created through IVF and aimed to improve those laws, policies and practices by making recommendations.

The research focused on the experiences of over 400 past and present IVF patients across Australia in over 20 different clinical sites, and spanning more than two decades. 


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Donor conception

Experiences of donor conception - Chantele's story

There is no shame in being donor-conceived

In this video, Chantele shares her story that when she was eight years old that she was conceived using donor sperm, but not all of her family knew she was donor-conceived.

Donor conception

Experiences of donor conception - Louise's story

When is the right time?

Louise heard through a non-family member that she was conceived using donor sperm.  At this time, Louise was 27 years old.

Donor conception

Experiences of donor conception - Riley's story

There is nothing to be feared

Riley talks about his experience of being donor conceived.  For as long as Riley can remember he has known about his conception.

Donor conception

Experiences of donor conception - Ross' story

The truth sets you free

Ross talks about discovering recently, in his early thirties, that he was donor-conceived.

Ross speaks of his relief in knowing the truth and his belief in the importance of honesty: "'Where do I come from?' is such a fundamental question and I think that for everyone they have the right to know".

Author: VARTA
Published: November 2015
Assisted reproduction treatment (ART)

Experts warn more testing needed before stem cells can be used to make sperm and eggs

Media Release

While  significant progress  has been made in the creation of human sperm and eggs from stem cells, we are still some years away from the treatment being approved as safe and reliable, according to speakers at ‘Hype, hope or reality - can we make eggs or sperm from stem cells?’ a public lecture held this evening.

Published: June 2016
Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Explaining the Donor Registers Service

VARTA Donor Registers Service Manager, Kate Bourne explains the process of donor linking and how VARTA can assist in this process.

Author: VARTA

Export class application

Class application to export donated sperm interstate by a Victorian registered ART provider.

he Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (the ART Act) requires that a person must not bring donor gametes, or embryos produced from donor gametes, into Victoria, or take them from Victoria, except with the written approval of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA).