Facebook groups

There are a number of Facebook groups that exist to support donor-conceived people and parents/recipients considering donor treatment or that have created their families with the help of donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. Some are listed below:

Australian Donor-Conceived People Network

This closed Facebook group is for donor-conceived people across Australia and New Zealand. It is a safe space to discuss what it means to be donor-conceived. You will be asked some questions before you are admitted to the group to establish that you are donor-conceived.

Australian Donor Conception Network

This Facebook group enables members to stay in-touch in-between social events - it is also especially important for members who live in regional areas and can't make it to many social events in the cities.
The group is administered by individual members. Details of the Facebook group is provided on acceptance of membership.

Embryo Donation Mums Australia

Join this new Facebook group to meet other Aussie mums with children born from embryo donation.

Australia Solo Mothers by Choice - SMC - Mum

This is a closed Facebook group for women who have decided to have a child on their own with the help of a donor or adoption. It is for women who are either contemplating, going through or are already a solo parent to a donor conceived or adopted child.  

Donor conceived people, parents, siblings and all donors discussion group

This closed Facebook group is for people involved in donor conception, regardless of position in the spectrum.

Donor Children Australia

This closed Facebook group was created to provide support for Australian donor-conceived children's parents, Australian egg/sperm/embryo donors looking to connect with families resulting from donations and those new to the world of donor conception. This group could also be a network to connect with other donor family or other donor conceived families.

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