Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Teaching Module

Fertility & Assisted Reproduction Teaching Module
VARTA and Family Planning Victoria (FPV) have produced a ground-breaking resource, Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Teaching Module for the comprehensive Safe Landing sexual and reproductive health teacher resource, used nationally. Teachers will be able to refer to the module throughout primary and secondary school years, adding and improving on students’ understanding of the issues and tailoring information according to the capacity of students to understand. 
Developed by experts in the fields of sexual and reproductive health as well as ART, the module expands the remit of sexuality education in schools to information about
The resource aims to raise awareness and knowledge about reproduction and factors that influence fertility and reproductive outcomes, including age, weight, alcohol, smoking, drugs and STIs. It also looks at reproductive life planning.
Inclusion of information about donor conception and ART is a response to the changing landscape of family formation, recognising that many children in schools have been conceived as a result of ART.​