Talking to young children about using a sperm donor to become a family

Jacqui and Sarah provide us with their thoughts and experiences in talking to young children about how they used a sperm donor to become a family.

“It’s understandable to be apprehensive, of course it is.  It can be quite a scary and challenging thing but in the end the important thing is tell kids early.  I think that it’s really important; it’s something that they always know.”

“We started saying it out loud to kind of see how it would sound, to see what words we would use. It’s almost like we got a few trial runs at it. We got to experiment, give it a go, before it really begins to sink in.  So that by the time they got to three and a half, four - and that was earlier than we thought - we felt much more confident doing it.  We kind of got over that initial anxiety ourselves.”

…..”But at the same time it has nothing to do with our daily lives or their daily lives so that it’s important in one way but then in a huge way it’s not.  There are a hundred things that are way more important; his friends at school or whether it’s the day he wears his runners because he’s got sport.”