Finding out as a teenager I was donor-conceived

Narelle passed away in March 2013. She was able to meet her donor shortly before she died. This brought both her and her donor great happiness. It was very sad however, that they did not have more time to spend with each other.

“ …..And I know that I definitely respect my parents a lot for having told me given that they could have kept that information from me. So be honest with your kids, they’ll love you no matter what.”

” I think some parents think they shouldn’t tell and I think once their child is past a certain age. But I think, regardless of the child’s age, the sooner you tell the better, even if they are 21 it’s better knowing then and knowing the truth than never knowing at all.”

“I think that parents should be honest with their children and have always believed that, that everything, not just donor-conception. Donor-conception is a different way of forming the family. It should be... if you’ve chosen to go down that path it should be something that you are honest about and with that honesty I think will come mutual respect between parent and child.”

VARTA would like to acknowledge the enormous help and support Narelle gave to our ‘Time to Tell’ campaign and public education programs.