Mother and son talk surrogacy

Karen and her son Matt speak about surrogacy at VARTA's Time to Tell Seminar.  Surrogacy was not permitted years ago in Australia so Karen and her husband needed to travel to the US.  Through a surrogacy agency they found a surrogate who remains a friend.  Matt has grown up knowing her and the reasons why she carried him for his parents.  He says, 'I'm glad it was never a sercret... everyone has a right to know who they are and where they come from.


Surrogacy perspectives

Mother, surrogate and child share their story

The three videos below show different perspectives about surrogacy including those of an intended mother, a surrogate and one presenting a child’s outlook.


Commissioning mother – Fiona

After nine long years of infertility treatment failure and four miscarriages, Fiona’s sister, Laura, offered to be her “oven to cook her embryos”. After much discussion and a few glasses of red wine, they decided to proceed. Two years later, Pippy was born and she has brought more joy than Fiona could ever have imagined. Not many mothers get to cut their daughter’s umbilical cord but Fiona did! 

Surrogate - Laura

Surrogate, Laura and her husband feel very proud of the help they were able to give Fiona and her husband to have their daughter, Pippy. Laura has never considered Pippy as her daughter but a much loved niece and cousin to her own children

Surrogacy child - Pippy

Pippy aged 12 years proudly says, “I came into the world in a very special way…I grew in my auntie’s tummy but I am my mummy’s baby”. Her parents have never made a big deal of how she began and Pippy knows she couldn’t be more loved and wanted. Her middle name is ‘Laura’ to acknowledge her aunt’s special contribution in making her.


The surrogacy experience

Listen to this three part series covering an interview with Leanne (mother) and Antoinette (Leanne's mother and surrogate).

 "Surrogacy was our best option but we also knew that it wasn’t something that we could go and advertise to people and say, “Hey, we need someone to carry a child.”