Ministerial Statement of Expectation

The Authority aims to work continuously towards regulatory best practice in administering aspects of the Act in a transparent way. In 2014, the Minister for Health issued a Ministerial Statement of Expection to the Authority in relation to its regulatory functions. The Authority’s response highlighted its strong commitment to compliance with the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (Act); thus, the Authority will:

  • review/revise the registration system for assisted reproductive treatment providers under the Act
  • implement a risk and evidence based approach to responding to contraventions of the Act, regulations or registration under the Act
  • review and update the Authority’s stakeholder management plan and risk management plan (in a proportionate way) 
  • identify and implement targeted measures to provide education about fertility
  • work with stakeholders to effectively and sensitively carry out its obligations under the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Act 2016
  • demonstrate accountability and transparency, seek feedback and apply continuous improvement.

For more information see VARTA's strategic focus for the next three years (2014-2017).