Media Releases

Oct 2019 - More women accessing low cost treatment 

Nov 2018 - New teaching resource shakes up Sex Ed in Victoria

Sept 2018 - Frozen egg use in IVF doubled in two years in Victoria

Feb 2017 - New law gives all donor-conceived Victorians the right to know their heritage

Nov 2016 - ACCC finds IVF clinics providing misleading information on success rates

May 2016 - ‘Donor conception: towards openness’ committee wins Minister for Health Volunteer Awards

Dec 2015 - Commonwealth parliamentary inquiry into surrogacy announced

Nov 2015 - Experts warn more testing needed before stem cells can be used to make sperm and eggs

Oct 2015 - New data reveals the changing face of family formations in Victoria

Sept 2015 - Father's health before conception ultra important

Sept 2015 - Fertility Week 2015: how weight impacts on fertility and child health

Jul 2015 - New teaching resource increases the scope of sexuality education.

Jun 2015 - Melbourne donor conception exhibition a world-first.

May 2015 - World first donor conception exhibition flags ground-breaking legislative change.

Apr 2015 - Time to Tell children about how they were conceived.

Jan 2015 - Call to participate in ground-breqaking donor conception exhibition.

Dec 2014 - Egg freezing offers women more reproductive options, but information the key.

Nov 2014 - Victorian sperm donor numbers fallen by almost a quarter in past year.

Nov 2014 - Surrogacy legal checklist resources launched.

Oct 2014 - Nine's 'The Embassy' highlights challenges of internation surrogacy.