Surrogacy legal checklist resources launched

Legal checklist resources for people considering surrogacy arrangements - either domestically or overseas - have been launched today at the Public Health Association Australia (PHAA) 2nd National Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference.

Checklists created by Kellehers Australia last year, have been adapted with the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) and other stakeholders to ensure greater access by the community.  They are essential reading for anyone contemplating a surrogacy arrangement - whether in Australia or overseas. 

“For people considering surrogacy, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to anticipate,” said VARTA CEO Louise Johnson. “There are key questions that a person should ask before entering into any surrogacy arrangement to avoid legal uncertainty and possible missteps.”

“We thank Kellehers Australia for releasing their checklists to us and working with us to ensure they serve as a guide to the first things a person considering surrogacy should be thinking about and asking themselves,” Ms Johnson said.

Dr Leonie Kelleher, Kellehers Australia said: “The checklists serve as a great resource in considering the complex legal issues that arise.” Dr Kelleher warned that: “The checklists are just a guide and do not constitute legal advice. Anyone who is serious about surrogacy must seek qualified legal advice before making any decisions. This is not an area where one should try to save costs.”

At the launch of the checklists, VARTA stressed that it would always encourage people considering surrogacy to try to make these arrangements within Australia.

“The unregulated environments that can occur overseas pose potentially serious risk or disadvantage for all parties involved in surrogacy arrangements – in particular, for resulting children,” Ms Johnson said. “Having said that, we recognise that these overseas arrangements do occur, so we want people to have access to basic guides like these which will assist them think around issues - as well as help them understand the importance of good quality legal information and support if they choose to go ahead.”

To view the international surrogacy checklist resource 

To view the domestic surrogacy checklist resource

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