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Author: VARTA
Published: September 2016
Assisted reproduction treatment (ART), Donor conception, Donor conception register services

A statistical snapshot of data from the donor registers

The Victorian donor registers consist of the Central Register and the Voluntary Register.  Both registers were managed by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  The Registrar provided VARTA with data for the period of 30 June 2016 from the donor registers for monitorin and public education purposes. A statistical snapshot of the numbers of people who have accessed the Central Register and Voluntary Register, as well as some information about their applications is provided for download.

Published: December 2018
Assisted reproduction treatment (ART), Donor conception register services

Donor legacy questions

VARTA asked Australian donor-conceived adults to identify the most important information they wished to know about their donors. This document provides a guide to the information that donor-conceived people would most like to know about their donors.

Information to the Central Register - Applying to the Central Register
Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Information for Donors making a Central Register Application

Donors are entitled to apply to the Central Register to seek identifying information about their donor offspring, however this information can only be released with the consent of the donor-conceived person or parents of those under 18 years of age.

For more information download the information sheet below.

Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Making an application to the Voluntary Register

Information for donor-conceived people, recipient parents, donors and relatives and descendants thereof about applying to the Voluntary Register.

This information sheet covers:

  • How the Voluntary Register works
  • Fee
  • Who can apply?
  • What information can be lodged?
  • Matches/No match on the Voluntary Register
Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Navigating Donor Linking

Advice for those starting the donor linking process from those who have been there.

We spoke to donor-conceived people, parents and donors who have accessed VARTA Donor Conception Register Services to ask them whether there was something they wished they had known beforehand. This is what they said.

Donor conception, Donor conception register services

Talking about your donation

Prior to 1988, sperm and egg donations were practised anonymously. Donors and parents who used the donations rarely told others about their experience. As society has changed and become more open, the law and this practice in Victoria has changed. Parents are encouraged to tell their child about how they became a family with the help of a donor. Donors are counselled in treatment clinics to be open about their donation to their partner, children, and extended family - especially as donor-conceived people or their parents are able to apply for information about them. 

Donor conception, Donor conception register services

What is an information and support session?

Information for people applying to the Central or Voluntary Registers.

This information sheet covers:

Donor conception register services

Writing your Statement of reasons

Advise for donor-conceived people, recipient parents and donors needing to write a Statement of reasons to access identifying information through the Donor Conception Register Services.

This information sheet covers:

  • What should I say in my Statement of reasons?