A little ray of sunshine

A little ray of sunshine

Our little ray of sunshine, in the shape of a GIRL

Our hearts are singing:  “A little ray of sunshine has come into our world, Our little ray of sunshine, in the shape of a GIRL!”’

“A Little Ray of Sunshine” - Axiom

Our baby girl is a precious gift from a very thoughtful and generous man and donor.   We are very thankful for the donor program and donors, as they have enabled our desire  for a family to become a reality.  After the whole process and time involved, it often feels bizarre to think and know she is actually ours!  I often look at her and still can’t believe it.  From when we began trying to start a family of our own, there were many hurdles, which took some time for our heads and hearts to process.  When we were ready and felt comfortable with the next steps, we did what we could with the available science.   We didn’t know if it were possible, which gave us more reason to cherish every moment during pregnancy, birth and now, and to live in each moment.  We will be forever grateful. - Laura

We considered many options to create a family, including IVF, fostering, adoption,  etc but we decided to pursue the donor program so we could create our precious baby from half of our genetics. When we reviewed the donor applications we were looking for a person who came across as genuine, kind, motivated and answered each question thoroughly.  We found the whole process quite easy once we were accepted into the program,  the clinic was very considerate and helpful throughout the whole process. - Daniel