• Towards Openness Exhibition
    The Donor Conception: Towards Openness exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Narelle Grech, a donor-conceived woman, who fought courageously for the right to learn the truth of her genetic heritage.
  • Strength of love
    'These photos are an important physical reminder of the strength of love between my Dad and I'.
  • The Miracles Group
    'A need was identified for the children to grow up understanding that there were other children who were donor-conceived'.
  • Archive material
  • ¥€$!
    ‘The media tends to focus on ‘joyous miracle baby’ stories of cross-border fertility tourism instead of asking more probing questions such as ‘does society condone baby trade.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
    'Mummy got an egg from a kind lady called Aunty Suzy'.
  • For love
    ‘The parents love the child, and the child loves the parents’