Finding an egg donor

Finding an egg donor - brochure cover

Finding an egg donor can seem impossible.  Many wonder, where do I begin? Who could I possibly ask? In fact, many women in Victoria are willing and happy to help others to become parents via donation. In the past year, over 220 women donated eggs in Victoria. Finding a local donor rather than travelling overseas for treatment can have enormous advantages. A local donor has the benefit of legal protections that ensure that she can be known to your potential child, and to you, and is perhaps more likely to have a similar value set, appearance and language to your own. Apart from the obvious lower cost factor, it is also much easier for you to travel to your local clinic than heading abroad.

The 'Finding an egg donor' brochure aims to help guide people through the process of finding a local donor step by step. Many people have found this to be easier than expected.

It includes material on: what makes an ideal egg donor, asking someone you know, advertising and internet forums, possible questions to ask a potential donor and negotiating future contact.