Finding a donor

"For Sam and I, we couldn’t accept donation to start our family from a person we didn’t also respect. Donating and receiving is not to be taken lightly from either side. It’s complex. It’s emotional. It’s challenging. But it’s also exciting and rewarding. Donation is life changing – for everyone involved. The power to help create a human being is the most powerful gift anyone can give." Alison

Once you are comfortable to proceed with donor conception, the next step is to find the right donor. There are a number of different options available and it is not necessary to go overseas. Consider not only what would meet your needs but most importantly those of the child to be born.

Ask yourself: ‘Can I imagine my child approving of our choice of donor and the way we have gone about this process?’


Finding a donor in Australia can have enormous advantages. An Australian donor has the benefit of legal protections that ensure that they can be known to your potential child, and to you, and is perhaps more likely to have a similar value set, appearance and language to your own. In many cases, apart from the obvious lower cost factor, it is also much easier for you to travel to your local clinic than head abroad.