Information for parents and recipients

''The journey to parenthood is different for everyone. To some it comes easily. For others, the journey is fraught with hardship.  I actually see Jacob’s beginning as something special. Yes, being conceived via a donor egg does make him different …but in a wonderful way".  Alison

Using a donor is becoming an increasingly common way to have a child. Around 8,000 children in Victoria have been conceived this way. However, choosing the donor treatment path is a big step. It has far-reaching implications for you, your family and, of course most importantly, for your child. 

Any form of assisted reproductive treatment can be stressful. Donor conception presents you with additional decisions and issues to consider both now and in the future.

In this section, we provide information and support on the practical, emotional, social and legal aspects of donor conception for parents and intending parents. 


Having a child via donation is usually not the way you might have imagined you would create a child. The information presented here is to help you decide whether it is the right pathway for you to help build your family. Listen to relevant podcasts, watch videos and read information about donor conception in our resource section.