Responding to an application

Being contacted as a result of an application may be quite unexpected. A donor may not know there have been any people born as a result of their donation or about changes to legislation. Conversely, a donor-conceived person may not be aware they are not the biological child of their parent and that their parents had donor conception treatment.

Contact as a result of an application to the Central Register

If you have been contacted as a result of an application to the donor registers, you have the opportunity to speak privately and confidentially with a counsellor at VARTA to discuss how the application may affect you and your family as well as your options. People close to the person contacted as a result of an application (e.g. partner and/or children) who may be impacted are welcome to speak with the VARTA counsellor. This is a free service.

Donor Conception Register Services brochure

Thinking it over

While the applicant may have been considering this matter for some time, the person contacted is likely to need to think through the implications for themselves and for those close to them.

Time is often needed to process the information and there may be other pressing issues in their lives requiring attention. They may also need time to talk to family members about what they want to do.

VARTA staff are available to help to discuss these considerations and assist with decision-making. This is a free confidential service. Partners and relatives are also able to contact VARTA for information and support.

Phone +61 (03) 8601 5250


It is strongly recommended that subjects speak with a counsellor from VARTA before completing a contact preference, as the statement is only required if they wish to make a specific type of contact or choose to have no contact with the applicant.