Providing and receiving information

"I made the decision to make myself available to any offspring if they wanted any information about me. One of those chose to find out more about me after he turned 18. One of the first things he said was thank you for what you did those 18 years ago.  That was one thing I didn't expect but it was very nice... people have asked us about the sort of relationship we now have. There are no words in the English language... we haven’t got words for this yet." Roger 

You may have donated on the understanding of anonymity. You may have sometimes wondered whether children had been born as a result of your donation and if so how many, what age and gender they are, and how old they might be. You may wonder whether they resemble you or whether you share personality traits. While you may be curious to know more about your donor offspring, you may not have told your partner or children about your donation, which could complicate your feelings about the issue.

VARTA understands that there is a diversity of views held by those who donated. We welcome enquiries and can provide information and support. Further information about the current and future legislative amendments is provided below.


VARTA can provide support, information and advice to people applying to the donor conception registers and to those contacted as a result of an application and their families.