The Central Register

"I started searching for my donor, after my second shoulder re-construction. The doctors said: 'We don’t know why your shoulders are like this, you were obviously born with it, it’s genetic.' Mum is an only child and shoulder problems don’t run on her side of the family. I really wanted to look for this person and get some medical history and I wanted to know more about my donor." Chloe, Donor-conceived person

The Central Register holds the names and dates of birth (identifying information) of all parties to donor conception treatment in Victoria - donor-conceived people, their parents, and donors. The information is provided to VARTA by the fertility clinics where treatment occurred. People can apply to the Central Register for both identifying and non-identifying information.

Identifying information may include: name, date of birth, donor code and contact information (including address, telephone number, and email address).

It may also hold additional details (non-identifying information) about the donor and parents. This includes information that does not reveal someone’s identity, including hair colour, eye colour, interests, occupation and education, or the gender, month and year of birth of people born from the same donor.

Consent is not needed for the release of non-identifying information recorded on the Central Register.

Who can apply and conditions for the release of identifying information?

Applying to the Central Register


VARTA can assist with early contact or information exchange and can support anyone affected by the application (e.g. partner, children).